Travellers with Disabilities

Facilities for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) at the airport

Our airport provides fast, safe and comfortable services for PRMs (visually-impaired, physically-challenged, etc.) since they enter the terminal building until they board the aircraft, in line with the enacted laws and regulations on DGCA’s PRM-friendly Airport.

The Airport Operator, Ground Handling Services Companies and Airlines are in charge of the implementation of the procedures and principles regarding the services for PRMs.

  •  Passenger Information Kiosks and Info Gates

There are 21 passenger information kiosks within the airport. The departures floor has 10, transit passengers floor has 5, the arrivals floor has 4, the metro exit and plaza area have 2 kiosks. Braille alphabet is encoded on all kiosks for our visually-impaired passengers. In each shift, an Info Gate officer who knows sign language is assigned.

  • Terminal Staff

Security and personnel to be assigned to information desks are provided special training on equality for individuals with disabilities, awareness on disabilities, code of conduct towards PRMs and sign language.

  • Arriving and Departing Passengers

There are special entry-exit areas and walking zones for PRMs arriving at and departing from the airport.

  • Passport Cabinets, Security Checkpoints and Fast Track

Security checks for PRMs are carried out in line with NCASP regulations.

  • Check-in Counters

There are exclusive check-in counters for PRMs at the check-in islands of both international and domestic flights.

  • Security Checkpoints

All security checkpoints are equipped with X-ray devices to facilitate the security checks of PRMs.

  • Passport Control

All passport control points have exclusive passport counters for PRMs.

  • Fast Track

PRMs can benefit from the fast track services at the control points.

  • Parking

At the parking area, 5% of total parking capacity is reserved as parking space for PRMs. All PRM parking spaces are located in parallel to and on the right and left sides of the elevators in two lanes. The PRM parking space is 4 meters in width and labelled with a disabled parking sign.

  • Directions

The direction signs indicate architectural arrangements made for PRMs and include clear symbols/pictograms for the mentally-challenged passengers.

  • PRM Assistance Points

Entrances 1, 3, 5, 7 that connect the parking lot to departures floor are equipped with PRM assistance phones and call buttons. The arrivals floor comprises 4 PRM assistance phones at the meet and greet area. PRMs can request services by calling Ground Handling Services Companies at this point. Ground Handling Services personnel may assist PRMs from the aircraft to a transportation vehicle at the parking lot, taxiway and shuttle bus service. Departing passengers can also be escorted to the boarding doors.

  • Elevators and Escalators

All elevators in the terminal building are in compliance with the standards for normal passengers and PRMs. The elevators are equipped with Turkish and English audio warning system and Braille alphabet is encoded on the buttons. There is a manoeuvre area of at least 170x170 cm in front of the elevators. Elevators are close to all stair groups within the terminal. There are elevators available for PRMs on each of the 77 passenger boarding bridges boarded to the terminal building.

  • Telephones

On departures floor, one out of four payphones meets the height standard of 90-110 cm. These telephones are located within each payphone group located at both the landside and the airside.

  • Restrooms and Washrooms

The terminal has 131 PRM-friendly restrooms and 63 restrooms for the airport staff with disabilities. All accessible restrooms are equipped with assistance call and emergency buttons. Braille alphabet and grab bars are available at all PRM-friendly restrooms. The ground clearance heights of washbasins and toilet bowls are less than 75 cm and 50 cm, respectively. There are also PRM-friendly washrooms for ablution.

  • Reserved Areas for PRMs

The terminal consists of reserved resting and waiting areas for PRMs.

  • Ramps and Doors

PRMs can access all floors via elevators. The slope of the EU countries passenger ramp connecting the landing deck to the arrivals floor is less than 12%. The EU countries passenger ramp is suitable for wheelchair access. 

All doors within the terminal are wider than 150 cm in compliance with the disability standards set by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and enable tandem passage of PRMs and their attendants. The thresholds at doorways enable battery-operated vehicles to pass without tripping.

  • Transit PRMs
Elevators complying with disability standards are available near security checkpoints for the use of transit PRMs travelling from international flights to domestic flights and vice-versa.